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Zaal 1 | 16:15 – 16:45 uur

Onboarding at scale

At we have experienced what an evidence based organisation means for creating business impact. And what looks it like, when experimentation is part of your culture. This has helped run more than 1000 experiments at the same time… each day of the week.
Learn more from Jorden Lentze about how the world’s largest accommodations provider leverages online experimentation to scale their onboarding strategy. And how this helps empower people to successfully host their property on the platform.

Jorden Lentze |

Jorden Lentze joined Booking,com in May 2017 as a Product Owner E-Commerce for The Booking Home Onboarding Team.
This team focuses on the onboarding of new apartment owner onto the Booking platform.
Before that he worked at Google and ABN AMRO on Conversion Rate Optimization. He did his first a/b test in 2008 using Google Website Optimizer.

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