Manuel Da Costa – Effective Experiments

The HiPPO is not to blame. A CRO’s practical guide to company wide transformation.

As conversion optimizers, we laugh about the HiPPO and how they often cause problems for us. But what if I told you, they were not the problem. In my presentation, I want to show you how to change the way you approach managing and evangelising CRO programs in your organisations. What you will leave with is a step by step action plan that goes beyond “lets get them excited about testing”

Manuel Da Costa – CEO | Effective Experiments

Manuel da Costa is the founder of Effective Experiments and a passionate evangelist of experimentation done correctly. He also runs Conversionations, a CRO podcast that touches on a lot of issues that optimizers face. With more than 8 years experience in the field, he is now working closely with some of the world largest brands through Effective Experiments and helping them structure and scale their testing programs.


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